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Dilemma on eating right?

I guess when the worst strikes you; it’s usually the final alarm to realize that something is terribly not right and that it needs your attention now. Generally, we are too busy or some how lives with the feeling that we are some sort of invincible being; that, what’s happening with some one else can not happen with us. And then, the ignoring part continues. But the question is why wait for the worst.

I suffer from low hemoglobin count. My doctor tells me it’s because of my poor diet. I have always been very finicky about food and the greens have not been my favorite since I can remember. Sadly, I am too lazy to cut myself a fruit. I think indulging upon a fruit requires diverting a requisite amount of time in which time I could have easily had a packed of chips or a biscuit. Couple of months back, I discovered that my hemoglobin count have dangerously gone low such that, my doctor suggested I get a blood transfusion. That’s when it kind of kicked me. I have been a sport enthusiast since a child and most of the time when I feel too fatigue my mind kinds of drag me on. But, yeah I have to confess, I get grumpy in all that. Instead of going for a blood transfusion, I decided to continue with a different set of medication and work on my diet. I enjoy cooking for the sake of producing something beautiful and tasty. I can’t be too positive about the nutrition part in it. I guess most of us eat for the taste and well, keeping tap of the nutritional value can be mind boggling.

With a renewed vision that eating cannot be always pleasure some; but, it’s the need for the healthy state of body that, I have started embracing some of the ugliest and not so yum produce. On the other positive side, with various internet sites and programs on the television, cooking has become crazily fun. And the idea of turning those not so favorite food items into something you can enjoy by adding your own piece of secret weapon is hmm, promising. My patience has paid well and though I am still on medication I have raised to a normal hemoglobin count as for now. And with that I would like to share a recipe ideal for the summers and for those who think eating melons is not fun. This is a recipe improvised from the BBC Goodfood (Indian edition). The original recipe does not have lemon. But, lemons and summer go so well that I had to add it to my recipe.

Melon with Lemon Granita


Half a melon
One lemon
Sugar (accordingly)


Peel the skin of the half melon and scope off the seeds. Then cut the melon into small pieces so you can blend it. Do blend it properly, taking care to check the little pieces hiding below. Put it in a bowl.

To make a smooth paste pass the blended melon through a sieve thoroughly while collecting it in another container. Put it aside.

Now add the juice of one lemon to the melon sitting aside. Add water to it such that the mixture does not look to heavy or thick. But don’t make it runny.

If you are using the normal crystallized sugar, blend it to make a powder.

Add the powdered sugar to the melon-lemon mixture according to your taste. (At this juncture I would like to remind you that if you want a more tangy taste then, you could try adding salt or a little chaat masala, it’s an Indian spice, instead of the sugar: or, add a bit of both sugar and salt accordingly). Mix it properly.

Refrigerate the mixture for 3 hrs. After 3 hrs take the mixture out and scrape it with a fork properly so as to get that icy form. Then refrigerate it again for another hour before serving it. Garnish it as you want.

This is great with other summer fruits. Feel free to use your imagination and let me know your version. Happy eating 🙂 .