I come from a small town called Tura in Meghalaya, India. I am crazy about movies and everything related to that. Writing is a big part of it. I think I can write about anything under the sun πŸ™‚ . Apart from that, I like creating recipes, mostly by baking. Photography and traveling are my other passions.

Creating a blog has been a scary thought. But, I wanted an outlet to express myself and to be able to connect and learn more from people outside of my ‘friend list’. I want to connect with like-minded people and know more from them and maybe, get an insight on what they are into. Also, this is a fun venture, to keep my dull brain motivated, inspired, humored and informed. It’s overwhelming to receive feedback and discover your world too.

Finally, the thoughts and views shared here by me are just a mere idea and does not relate to anyone personally. If, in-case I have hurt your sentiments in any way, through my writings or photo depictions kindly apologize.

Mitela (thank you),

Have a great day,


14 thoughts on “About”

  1. You sound like a person after my own heart – many creative interests and a great love of life. Many thanks for stopping by my blog with a Like. πŸ™‚

  2. Hello to you in Bronia in Tura, Meghalaya from me in the Santa Cruz Mountains in California.
    I have felt the same way about blogs and feel the thirst to meet and share in a new frame with like beings in phoneography which has been rising in the last 1o years and beginning to blossom in the last five years. I wish you luck!

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