Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

The first thing that strikes me about ‘green’ is nature. I am surrounded by natural greenery everywhere: the advantage of living in a town. I live in a hilly area. So you would be seeing a lot of hills. Besides, we get rainfall most part of the year and the wettest place on earth is just a 292 km away. I have tried to incorporate some of my thoughts in the following images- like flowers with leaves, army man, green vegetables. Hope you like it.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

The white mountain top

Snow covered mountain top always excites me. This picture describes it all. It’s like a glittering peak surrounded by different shades of grey. It’s just so different and more pristine than the rest. Though, it looks so distant, it’s a challenge to reach there and conquer it. But the clear blue sky adds more visibility and gives hope a chance 🙂


The picture of this yellow hibiscus was taken in the morning. It was a bit cloudy and the light had not fallen everywhere yet. It’s a bit erratic. But against the little glow the flower is not overcast by the morning sunlight. Yellow is a very vibrant color and it defines energy to me.