Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

A woman with a baby at the back, wandering in the corridors of a village clinic.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday life

Was hurrying to work when this auto stopped to drop off a passenger on the side walk. Spontaneously asked him to take me to my destination. Shared a light conversation on the price hike in gas and introduction of new taxi service in town. All in a days work 🙂

Rumbling midnight nonsense

It’s really bugging when there are thoughts in your mind and the right words are so hard to put together. Like you watched a movie, that you have watched probably couple of times before, but it’s never enough. You seem to learn something new every time or maybe it’s just the recollection coming together again. But one thing is for sure, its bound to trigger something positive in your mind.

Generally in movies, the examples adapted from real life, that somehow relates with your own, can trigger a lot of questions. The movie usually have happy endings, with the protagonists having achieved something out of life. It doesn’t always have to be in a Hindi movie; even, English movies have softer yes-yes endings too. I am not talking about a boy proposing a girl kind-of-a-thing, where the movie ends in marriage: with both families finally reaching a cordial agreement. Not necessary. More of that sort, that plays with your mind and makes you think about the decisions that you probably might have taken in the past relating to future goal. Something that strikes the inner self. You sort of become transparent. It’s not a great feeling to know that you haven’t given in your honest ‘try’. But, you have to keep in mind, putting the movie time frame and the build up of the plot,  its lot easier in movies to accomplish the goal comparatively.

Other times what happens is that, you are pretty good at many things, that when you see an easy and faster step towards success (success= financially stronger) : you jump upon it. It’s great actually when you are that adventurous and when it’s your kind of thing. But, when it’s not, the realization starts to drag onto you and you end up feeling wasted. You either decide that you are a bloody lazy person who is born lucky, or that you lost your focus too soon. I have dreaded the later most, though I think the former is also true. So you look up to the sky and ask why?

The answer is again an issue because even if you think you have it, its always unreliable. I think physically preparing you, is lot easier that mentally or emotionally preparing yourself to any task. It’s like you know what to do but not sure how. And again even if you know how, you still aren’t sure from where. But the hunger for that small taste of satisfaction should be able to drag you out of your bed and start putting things into perspective even at the dead of the night. If that is not happening or short-lived, god knows what then.

Well, in that case I think its back to more movie viewing and reviewing; probably to make some sense and pull yourself up. How dumb it sounds. But Jack of all traits should also be a master of something. Or else life would remain as dull as plain Jane. There are no short cuts to success in life. It has to be honest, at least with oneself. Success is not always about increasing bank balances or starting a family ( I guess most would quietly agree); but, more of waking up in the morning, feeling excited about work or sharing a breakfast with some one close and making stupid jokes. Yes, having money is important for all the luxuries to enjoy. But you can only feel it, if you have earned it rightfully. Family is important too. But only with the people who value your presence.

Experience has taught us many things but we usually like to ignore them. Like, hard work and patience pays. But with age always making a faster run, the race gets tougher; ultimately, relying on lady luck to do the trick. Wishing for the past is always a depressing situation to generate for yourself. It’s lot easier being in school; at least, you have a guiding teacher there. In real life it’s a tough call. Sweet-sour experience. Life is never easy for those who have a dream. Too many branches without one straight defined branch to the top. Sigh!!